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Fanfiction Directory FAQ and Guidelines

Welcome to the Lietro Club Fanfiction Directory FAQ and Guidelines page.  This page's purpose is to help educate you, the Lietro-loving-fic-reading audience on how the Lietro Club Fanfiction Directory works.  Please read below to see if your question has been answered here.  If not, please read the final paragraph for details.  Note: You should make sure to read all listed sections before asking your question.

:bulletred:WHAT IS A DIRECTORY?:bulletred:
A directory is generally a book (or in this case a web page) that lists an alphabetical index of information.  Normally this is applied to things like phonebooks or locating a store or office in a building.  I can't call this an archive as the pieces aren't actually stored here on this server.  This page will just link to the pieces that are hosted on other webpages or different areas on this site.  

:bulletred:HOW IS THIS DIRECTORY SET UP?:bulletred:
This directory is a little unique as it will focus on genre rather than on author.  There are seven categories that the pieces will be listed under.  The seven categories will be listed in alphabetical order (the categories will be listed later).  The fics will be listed like so:


So first by what category it fits into, then under what rating it falls and finally in albphabetical order by title.  Why set up the pieces in this manner?  Well, when I'm looking for a Lietro fiction, I know I'm looking for something to suit my mood.  Sometimes I want something really sweet and innocent; an R-rated fluff piece might seem more violent or sexual than I want.  So, instead of having to  scroll through all the alphabetical titles to hopefully find a sugary fluff fic, I can just go to the category I want, the rating that's appropriate and scroll through the fics there.  

However, if you're looking for a piece by it's title, there will be a re-listing of the directory at the bottom of the page for easy access that way.

:bulletred:WHAT ARE THE SEVEN CATEGORIES?:bulletred:
The seven categories (in alphabetical order) are as follows: Angst, Drabble, Drama, Fluff, General, Humor and PWP.

Angst: Meant to be depressing, filled with deep emotional character grievances.  Stories surrounding a character (or characters) deep emotional stress

Drabble: Musings, no real storyline.  Drabble is meant for stories that have no real story quality, beginning, middle, and/or end.  Stories like these are usually based on the thoughts of characters, ramblings about situations or personalities.  Things of that nature.  

Drama: Suspense, dire situations, usually more plotful.  Drama is different from Angst in the fact that Drama is more plotful and angst is more wallowing in self-pity.

Fluff: Cutesy, sugary-sweet, light-hearted.  Fluff is meant for anything that makes you go "aww" or "so cute" or "I think I'm going to go retch sparkles and ponies now."   

General: Contains Lietro among a larger storyline or anything that can't fit into the other categories.  These stories may have dramatic or humorous moments but won't, overall, be considered solely a Drama or Humor fic.  These fics can have many or none of the elements that the other categories possess.  Usually general fics will be paired with a secondary category.

Humor: Funny, amusing, silly, playful.  Something meant to be humorous, if it's unintentionally humorous it shouldn't be in this section (but might be anyway ;) ).

PWP: Plot? What Plot?  Much like Drabble, PWP means that the story has no real plot at all or dire story points that need to be fulfilled, but is simply written around a basic idea or situation.  The difference between PWP and Drabble, for this directory, is that PWP will pertain to more sexual situations and Drabbles will be more general.

Categories can be paired together.  Usually there is a max of two categories for one fic.  You might see Humor/Fluff or General/Drama etc.  Usually, I like to put the category that pertains to the fic the most first and then a secondary category.  Fanfictions will be listed by their PRIMARY category.

:bulletred:WHAT IS THE RATING SYSTEM LIKE?:bulletred:
The ratings system is generally based off of the movie-rating system.  The rating symbols are as follows: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17

G: General audiences.  Anyone can read this fic.  There's usually very minimal violence, if any, no sexual situations and no swearing.  This should be a fic that you could read to your 6-year-old cousin without worry (latent literary homosexuality aside).

PG: Parental Guidance Suggested.  Seriously though, none of us are going to ask our parents to guide us through a slash fic.  Well, maybe some of us, but then your parents are certainly different than mine.  Regardless, this is just a little higher above "G" in about everything.  Violence may be slightly more intense, romantic situations slightly more graphic (think along the lines of making out without the suggestion of copulation or it's effects on the body) and there may be a few swears (along the lines of "damn" and "hell").

PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned. These rating descriptions are all really geared towards parents but WHATEVER.  PG-13 would be something you'd be uncomfortable sharing with a child.  Usually they involve more violence (drawing blood, slight descriptive flesh wounds, slightly graphic descriptions of pain), suggested sexual situations (describing adult sensations, and generally vague but still understandable terms to physically sexual actions or feelings) and more intense swearing (if I see the "b" word or the "s" word ONCE in the fic, it's PG-13.  Yeah, it weirds me out to be censoring myself, but the DEFINITIONS and GUIDELINES page should be at most PG rated itself.)

R: Restricted.  The good stuff!  No, just kidding.  But, no, I'm really not.  This is where we get into the graphic violent situations (usually along the lines of bloody scenes with detailed description of physical damage and/or pain), heavy sexual situations (TEE HEE.  I mean, soft core with thinly-veiled euphemisms for sexual descriptions) and coarse language (if I see the "f" word even once, it's R-rated.  The story could be about visiting the "My Little Ponies" and saving "Gumdrop Mountain" from the "Fuzzle-Wuzzles" but if they drop the F-bomb, it's "R").

NC-17: No One 17 and Under Admitted. This is almost exclusively reserved for erotica.  Usually there is intense violence (descriptions of extreme pain or torture, excesses descriptions of bodily damage), explicitly graphic adult situations (hard core sexual scenes.  The vocabulary for the situations are straight-forward, blunt, descriptive of physical sensations and sexual actions, and/or extremely detailed) and extremely crude/crass/coarse language (usually these words are for describing sexual activity or sexual organs.  If a graphic term is used even once, the story is NC-17.)

For each rating above PG I will usually list the reason why.  There are a few fics that are listed above PG-13 and there is no reason given.  This isn't because I'm lazy, but because these fics are hosted on a different server and the author chose the ratings him/herself.  Sometimes they'll choose a "PG-13" rating for a story simply because it has two males kissing in it, and that's basis for the rating does not fit within the guidlelines I've just listed above.  I can't change their rating as it's the author's decision and they've listed their story as such on the other site (if they didn't have a rating to begin with, that's when I rate them).  


Some of you who are new to the fan fiction world may not understand some of the lingo tossed around.  For some, it can be confusing.  Below is a link to Wikipedia's list of fanfiction terms to help you with some of the phrasing:

Wikipedia's List of Fan Fiction Terms

Of course.  Anyone can submit a Lietro fanfiction to the Directory.  

:bulletred:HOW CAN I SUBMIT A FANFICTION?:bulletred:
It's really easy.  First, read the guidelines below:


1. ONLY LIETRO (LANCE/PIETRO) FANFICTION PLEASE.  If you have a Kurtty/Lietro/Jott fic...we don't really want to see it. Focus should be on Lietro. If there's minor other pairings, fine, but FOCUS ON LIETRO. We are the LIETRO CLUB after all.

:link: (A link to the piece.  If possible, have the link be the title of the piece, makes it a little easier for me.  If you don't know how to do that, include the link and title of the piece separately.)
Author: (Name of the author. If on DA, a link to their DA page)
Category: (Choose one of the seven categories listed above.  If it is not your fic* and there is no category provided, and you do not feel comfortable categorizing it yourself, send it to me and I will categorize).
Rating: (Rated like movies G-R...if it is not your fic* and there is no rating provided, you can use the rating description section to aid you or send it without the rating and I shall rate it myself.)
Summary: (Basic summary of the story.  If it is not your fic* and there is no summary provided and the story is not yours*, just leave the summarizing up to me.)
WARNINGS: (This is for things that might be considered unappealing or uncomfortable to people. Character death, rape/non-con, suicide, gender-bender, MPREG, spanking, self-mutilation, things along those lines. Anything that's considered a FETISH or just might make people uncomfortable in general should be marked under "warnings." Use better judgment.)

*If you are submitting YOUR OWN FIC, please rate, categorize, summarize, and warn appropriately.  It's your work and you should know what you want it listed it.  It saves me a little trouble and saves you a little embarrassment if I categorize or label your fic "wrong."

Send all stories in a note to LietroClub with the title reading "Fanfiction Submission."  PLEASE USE NOTES.  Do not post it on our main page or in response to this journal.  NOTES ONLY PLEASE.   

Thank you for visiting the FAQ and Guidelines page!  If you have any questions that were not covered, please note me or respond to this post and I will be happy to answer your question and (if applicable) add it to this section.  Happy reading!